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ATMOSfashion is a Belgian fashion brand offering the modern woman an elegant and sophisticated style. It is ladies prêt-a-porter that combines rich, subtle colours and new materials in a very contemporary and timeless collection. Atmos designs for this generation of woman, reinventing a style expressing feminine grace.

Our second brand named SENSO is a little more sporty with casual influences, still very feminin.

Both collections oer total-look styles. Could be for an evening out, festivities, even pieces to wear every weekday.


Our main end user is situated in the circle around Brussels and belgium. We aim to be fully aware of the typical needs and fashion habits that are living in our region. At the same time we keep our collections up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and influences.

These collections are supported with a maximum of service and flexibility.

Business-to-business we are a flexible player by providing the maximum service and staying close to our customers, boutiques and retailers. This flexibility and service shows in easily accepting small additional orders, creating short term collections based on the specific needs of the market. These ‘express’ collections are based on current trends which gives a new fresh input for the retailer in the running season.


As Belgian ladies garment manufacturer ROVECO started about 50 years from now in a textile province town near Ghent named Ronse.

Also family owned sister company ATMOSPHERE provides the more distributing and commercial activities. Atmosphère was based for more than 40 years in the old fashion heart of Brussels called 'triangle' but has moved since 2002 to Strombeek-Bever very near by Brussels.

Some 32 years ago we decided to launch our first brand named ATMOS, this was the start of presenting a long term ‘total look’ collection.

In 2000 SENSO became the second and more casual influenced brand.

About 55 people are working within our two companies. About 80 percent of our productions are made elsewhere. We are working with partners in Belgium, Poland, Roumenia, Italy, Tunesia and China.

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